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Terry Littlewood Obituary

Updated: Apr 26

Terence Edward Littlewood

9th January 1940 – 25th December 2021

On January 22nd over 300 people gathered at St John’s Church to remember and celebrate the remarkable life of a wonderful, mischievous man, Terry Littlewood. Most of us knew Terry who, for over 80 years, has been a huge character and presence in our village. His popularity was borne out by the huge number of cards Sylvia received and over 40 wreaths that enveloped his grave in colour.

Terry was born in Orange Tree Hill and moved to Broxhill Road when he was two. He remained in Broxhill Road and, for over 40 years, lived with his beloved wife Sylvia. He attended Dame Tipping School and St Edward’s but formal schooling was not for him. Terry became an accomplished self-taught carpenter, mechanic and engineer mainly working out of his workshop in the garden. He was always willing to help wherever needed.

As Uncle Terry, we heard how he built sweet barrows, go carts and rafts, the latter not as successful as some projects! He was always available for an adventure, on occasions not working out quite as expected. On one ‘adventure’ one of his sisters got her arm stuck in a tree and Terry had to get an axe to chip away at the trunk to make a hole big enough to release her arm! It was obvious Terry was loved by all his sisters and nieces.

In the village, most of us will remember the fantastic Christmas Light displays that Terry and Sylvia put on their house to raise money for charity. Over the years thousands were raised, much of which went to Saint Francis Hospice. He supported every village event bringing to all occasions his never-ending delightful chat and sense of humour. He regularly spent time tending the graves of his relatives at St John’s Church. They were the best kept graves in the Churchyard, always with beautiful fresh flowers on them. It was here, or on the Green, that we would often meet Terry, in his trilby hat with his hand made walking stick, and while away the time listening to his stories with fascination. On the village history he was the fount of all knowledge. He will be very much missed, an irreplaceable figurehead of Havering-atte-Bower.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Sylvia and her family for their sad loss.

(So far donations in memory of Terry have reached £3000. The money will be split between Saint Francis Hospice and Saint John’s Church)

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